11 Fun Ways to Announce College Acceptance

Applying to colleges and universities is a stressful and intimidating task.

And that’s why it’s a big deal if you get accepted to multiple postsecondary institutions.

Unfortunately, you can only enroll in one.

And revealing your college choice is very important to those who genuinely care about you and are truly interested in your choices, especially one that will impact your future career: your family and friends.

Announcing which college you are going to enroll in, therefore, is momentous!

In this post, I will give you 11 unique and exciting ways to reveal the college of your choice — see which of the suggestions below can make that important moment in your academic career completely special and unforgettable.

Don a University Shirt (Or Multiple Ones to Keep Everyone on Edge)

A list of fun college announcement ideas won’t be complete without merch.

That’s why topping this list is wearing a shirt bearing the name or logo of your top-choice school.

You can go about this in a couple of ways:

  • Wear multiple university shirts. Put on the shirt of the institution you are going to attend so that it will be the last one remaining after removing all the rest one by one.
  • Put a jacket over the university shirt. Unzipping your jacket to reveal the university shirt you’re wearing is a fantastic college reveal ploy if a tight budget is keeping you from buying multiple tees.
college baseball cap

Distribute University Baseball Caps

Your university getup won’t look finished without a matching baseball cap.

Speaking of which, I got a fab college decision reveal suggestion!

Gather your family and friends around a table with a stack of several university baseball caps — the ones at the top are your numerous college choices, while the one found at the bottom is your ultimate pick.

One by one, place the baseball caps bearing the names or logos of the universities on the heads of random spectators until only a single baseball cap remains on the table — the institution you prefer to attend.

Wear it and give a beaming smile demonstrating your pride and joy.

Let Balloons Do the Talking

Balloons can make any revelry, including a college reveal, more festive and memorable.

And that’s why releasing or popping some balloons can make that milestone that can help shape your future even more unforgettable to you and those who genuinely care about you.

There are a couple of ways to use balloons in this regard:

  • In a large box, stash some helium-filled balloons in the color/s of your university. When the important moment arrives, open the box to release the balloons into the air.
  • Fill one black balloon with confetti or Holi powder in the right university color/s. Keep the other black balloons empty. Ask everyone to pop one balloon after the other until the filled one gets picked.
surprise box

Buy an Explosion Box (Or Create One From Scratch)

Before anything else, I would suggest checking if someone could do a slow-motion recording.

That’s because this amazing college decision announcement idea can be over in just the blink of an eye!

It involves opening an explosion box that will scatter university pennants everywhere.

You can go about this exciting college reveal in the following ways:

  • Order a professionally made explosion box, which means asking the provider to fill it with the pennants of the university of your liking or sending the ones you have at hand.
  • Watch a YouTube tutorial on making a homemade explosion box, which can help bring down your college acceptance party cost, although you will have to invest some elbow grease.

Serve Hot Chocolate Bombs

Chocoholics unite!

Filling hot chocolate or cocoa bombs with candy sprinkles or mini marshmallows in the color/s of your chosen college or university is a great way to announce your undergraduate plans to your family and friends.

Chocolate lovers, in particular!

Nothing can be more thrilling than this school reveal — everyone will surely be on the edge of their seats as they wait for those bombs to melt and expose the colored treats they conceal.

Egg-Splain Your College Choice With Eggs

Easter or not, hunting for easter eggs is fun!

Before everyone arrives at the venue, fill several plastic eggs with all kinds of candies — except for one that conceals a small merch flaunting the name or logo of the university of your choosing.

Hide the eggs in not-so-obvious places and ask your guests to find them.

But tell them to not open any of the easter eggs — your loved ones should gather around after all the eggs have been found and simultaneously open the eggs in their hand.

Of course, the winner is the one whose egg contains the tiny university merchandise.

Hand Out Similar Looking Gifts (Until It’s Opening Time)

One of the college commitment announcement ideas that require the most work on your part is something that entails handing out some gifts with uniform sizes and wrapping.

What everyone doesn’t know is that all but one contains crumpled newspapers!

Ensure that you have some extra crumpled newspaper for the box containing university merch — a baseball cap, tee, tumbler, notebook, ID lanyard, etc.

Ask everyone to pick one from the pile of gifts.

At the count of three, instruct your guests to open their gifts — the one that unwraps the merch is the winner!

college acceptance cake

Order a Customized Surprise Cake

Warning: this college reveal idea is no piece of cake.

That’s because it requires getting in touch with a professional baker for a custom surprise cake.

Simply put, a surprise cake is a cake with a cavity in the center filled with, well, a surprise, usually some mini marshmallows, candy sprinkles, Skittles, or M&M’s, that spills out when it’s sliced.

Remember to inform the baker to fill the cake with treats in the color/s of your chosen university.

You may also bake a cake from scratch, guided by a YouTube tutorial, for a totally hands-on reveal party.

Fill and Smash a College Piñata

Worry not if you’re a DIY-er and baking a surprise cake sounds so intimidating.

You can instead create a piñata from scratch using some newspaper strips, papier mâché paste, and a balloon or any mold of the shape and size of your preference.

Before you seal it, stuff it with some small college merch.

University button pins, pens, ID lanyards, keychains, pennants, coasters, stickers — the options are endless!

It’s also a wonderful idea to stuff it with confetti or Holi powder in the color/s of your chosen college.

Your guests should take turns trying to smash the piñata while blindfolded.

Be Silly — Cover ‘Em With Silly String!

Silly String comes in all colors imaginable.

No matter the color/s of the postsecondary institution you wish to attend, you can have peace of mind that you can have a college acceptance announcement bash with your family and friends as planned.

Go ahead and buy multiple Silly String cans in the right color/s.

Don’t forget to ditch the colored caps to keep your guests from having an idea of the color — or paint each of the cans black if the label states which color it comes in.

When the right time arrives, instruct everyone to shake their Silly String cans.

Then tell them to fire away at the count of three!

selfie reveal

Post a Selfie Slash College Reveal

I saved the most resource-saving way to reveal the college of your choice for last.

There’s no need to ask everyone to come, decorate the venue, and provide refreshments.

It’s none other than posting the same selfie across your various social media accounts.

You are limited only by your imagination, creativity, and photogenicness — you can don a university baseball cap or tee, or place a university pennant or flag in the background.

Got some serious photoshopping skills?

Change the background so that it would seem like you’re on the campus of your dreams!

Of course, a memorable photo requires an unforgettable caption.

Ensure that you write down some phenomenal college decision announcement captions on a piece of paper and select the best from your various options for the most striking selfie slash college reveal post!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the College Reality Check.

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