How to Shower in College: Ultimate Guide

Showering in college can be a little hard to get used to, especially if there are communal showers that lots of other people share. But, once you learn the unwritten rules of how to shower at college you will be ready to go.

To shower at college, have respect for the shared bathroom space, and be prepared with the right products. Get a shower caddy to store all of your shower products in, shower shoes to keep yourself clean, a robe to walk to and from the shower in, and respect others’ time for the shower.

The golden rule works in college too which is to “treat others the way you want to be treated”. You would not want to use a dirty shower all of the time, and you will want to have enough time in the shower. Treating the bathroom with respect will benefit you and your roommates/ classmates.

What Do College Showers Look Like

Surely, college showers vary in appearance depending on the college and the dorm building.

However, there are some general things to expect.

  • Shower stalls: Most college showers have individual shower stalls with curtains or doors. This provides some privacy, but it’s important to be aware that others may be able to see you if the curtain or door is open.
  • Shower heads: College shower heads are typically adjustable, so you can control the water pressure and temperature.
  • Towel Racks: Most dorms have towel racks in the bathrooms, so you can hang your towel to dry. You may also want to bring your own small towel to sit on while you shower.

How to Shower in a College Communal Bathroom

There are a lot of items that you need to get for college, and something you might forget about is items for your shower.

Some people live in apartments where they share a bathroom with a few people, and others live in dorms where many people use the same showers. No matter the situation, there is a right way and a wrong way to shower.

There are products you should buy that will make showering in a shared bathroom much easier. You probably already have your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, towel, and more. But, there are some items you might not think about until you have to shower at college.

Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is very important for showering at college. When you are sharing a shower, it is likely that there is not enough room for everyone’s products to fit in one space.

So, a shower caddy helps you keep all of your products together and makes it easy to bring them to and from the shower.

Plus this ensures that no one will use your special soap without permission! Amazon has lots of different types of shower caddies for you to look through and you can pick out one that will work for you.

Shower Shoes

Getting shower shoes is essential in college. This is a popular purchase for those who shower in a dorm where the showers are all together. Bacteria can grow in showers and people can get warts on their feet from the communal showers.

To avoid this, simply buy some shower shoes. They are like slides or flip flops that have holes in the bottom to let the water drip out. Having this will keep your feet clean and you can avoid getting any warts of fungus on your feet. Simple crocs or flip-flops will also do the job just fine.


You likely already have a towel for when you shower, but getting a robe is very convenient in college. Towels can slip and fall off, and they also need to be held up.

A robe makes sharing showers and bathroom space much easier. You can dry off with your towel, then put on your robe so that as you move, walk around, and pick things up, you can stay covered.

Plus, robes are really comfortable! It is not a huge necessity if you have a towel, but it sure does make life a lot easier.

Try to get one that is long so then when you sit down or walk nothing gets uncovered, and try to get one that isn’t too thick. Thick robes are prone to making you feel hot, and it is not easy to stay in a hot robe for a while.

You might also consider going to the shower in your robe and not your clothes. That way, all of your clothes can be placed in your laundry basket in your room and you don’t have to worry about carrying them while you also carry your shower supplies.

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Common Courtesy in College Showers

Nobody wants to use a dirty shower that is not regularly cleaned and has hair everywhere. To keep yourself and other shower-goers happy, treat the shared bathroom space with respect.


The first thing you should do when you share a shower or bathroom is to not take up a lot of time in the shower.

Other people need to use it as well, so do not spend a ton of time washing your hair, cleaning your body, shaving, and more. If you are having shower sessions that last 30 minutes or longer then you are taking way too much time.

Taking about 15 minutes to shower is adequate time to fully wash your hair and yourself. If the showers are busy, try to put off shaving until the showers are more open.

Whether you are shaving your face or legs, it takes time and can cause other people to become upset with you because they also need to shower. And likewise, you need to shower so you would not want another person to take up a lot of time.

Pick Up After Yourself

Showering in a place where others go can get annoying when people don’t pick up after themselves. If you leave hair in the shower it will be gross for the next person showering after you, and it will clog up the drain.

Leaving items like towels, shampoo bottles, razors, and more can be irritating as well. So, avoid leaving a mess behind you when you shower.

After you are done showering, go ahead and dry yourself off and get covered in your towel or robe. Then, put your shower products in your bathroom caddy so that you are ready to pick up your things and leave.

Before exiting, do one final check in the bathroom for any items you forgot or any hair you may have left in the shower.

After you take these steps to learn about being considerate of others using the same bathroom and shower as you, then you are ready to head to college and try out the showers for yourself.

Some people in college make shower schedules to make things easier, but whatever you do, be respectful and invest in the products that will make life better for everyone.

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