Is New Mexico State University a Good School?

New Mexico State University is one of the two flagship public colleges in the area. Based in Las Cruces, this land-grant institution receives consistent accolades and ranks highly among its peers. If you are considering it as an option, you may be wondering how good it is.

New Mexico State University is a good school, particularly for state residents. It is ideal for those pursuing degrees in liberal arts, criminal justice, and registered nursing. An honors college program is available to high-achieving students, and there are many other benefits to explore.

If New Mexico State University is among your post-graduation choices, read on to see what this institution can offer you.

New Mexico State University

Is New Mexico State University a Good School?

New Mexico State University was founded in September 1888. This makes it the state’s oldest higher education school. It is one of the two public college flagships in the state, alongside the University of New Mexico.

In the 2020 fall semester, New Mexico State University had 11,575 undergraduates studying there, which shows its popularity.

Here are some of the reasons that make New Mexico State University a good school to keep in mind:

  • The wealth of programs: there are almost 90 options available for undergraduate students, and more than 50 options for graduate students.
  • It offers a diverse campus with specialized learning opportunities.
  • The main Las Cruces campus is a beautiful and memorable location.
  • The institution prioritizes the success of its student body by offering plenty of academic and social occasions.
  • Hands-on experiences are available to students so that they can benefit from a richer learning process.

New Mexico State University has been providing excellent academic opportunities since its inception. Its wealth of experience in the field makes it stand out among its peers.

New Mexico State University is a wonderful school for those who are wanting to earn an honest education. The diversity is wide, the school is cheaper than most but still looks new and the history is great. NMSU cares about your education and the staff wants to see you succeed.

What Are the Rankings of New Mexico State University?

New Mexico State University is a consistent presence in national and regional top rankings. It is tied in 227th place in the USNews National Universities list. It is ranked 100th in Top Performers on Social Mobility, 112th in Top Public Schools, and 120th in Nursing programs.

New Mexico State University has taken the national lead in funding for science and engineering programs among other minority-serving colleges. It is listed second in providing equal access to higher education for students from low-income backgrounds.

New Mexico State University has several graduate programs included in the top 200 of Best Graduate Schools in 2022. They include degrees in Education, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, English, and Social Work, among others.

Here is how New Mexico State University compares with the other regional flagship, University of New Mexico:

  • Both these options are public institutions offering four-year programs.
  • The acceptance rate at New Mexico State University is selective, at 63%. University of New Mexico’s is more generous, at 94.3%,
  • New Mexico State University has a graduation rate of 46.1%, while University of New Mexico stands at 44%.
  • New Mexico State University’s main campus in Las Cruces is over 900 acres, while University of New Mexico’s main campus in Albuquerque is over 600.

Cost of Attendance at NMSU

Like other institutions of its type, New Mexico State University charges different tuition fees for state residents and non-residents. Undergraduate tuition fees are $8,045 for New Mexico residents. Estimated costs for residence halls are $6,507, while dining membership will be around $4,900.

Books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation costs will round up the total to approximately $24,936 per year. Non-residents will pay $25,666 for tuition fees and around the same for everything else. This will bring their total costs to an estimate of $42,557.

For graduate students from New Mexico, tuition fees will be $5,926 and they will usually spend a total of around $22,817 per year. Non-resident graduate students will pay $18,276 for tuition fees and around $35,167 per year in total costs of attendance.

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What GPA Do You Need to Attend New Mexico State University?

New Mexico State University has specific admissions requirements. With such a selective admissions rate, you should make sure to heed these requirements as much as possible.

These are the minimum requirements to apply for a place at New Mexico State University:

  •  A 2.75 cumulative GPA.
  • Being in the top 20% of the class when graduating high school.
  • A 21 composite ACT score or a 1060 SAT score.

Applicants who don’t fulfill one of the requirements will be considered if they have the other two. While SAT and ACT scores are not compulsory for the application, they will boost your chances of admission if they are in the required scale, especially to make your GPA stand out.

The best thing about NMSU is affordability. It is conveniently located if you are a Las Cruces resident since you wouldn’t have to commute very far.

Honors College at New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University was the first institution in the state to have an Honors College. The William Conroy Honors College is committed to providing a rich and diverse approach to learning for those looking for specialized knowledge.

This experience will let students gain new skills that are interdisciplinary and can provide them with a better understanding of their chosen field.

The Honors College is also investing in the students’ international experience by providing them with study abroad opportunities. Currently, 17 students at the William Conroy are studying out of state.

Is New Mexico State University Conservative?

Students describe the New Mexico State University campus as 25% moderate, 16% liberal, and 9% progressive. 29% of students are reported to have a Democratic affiliation, while 20% share one for the Republican party.

The party scene tends to be focused on the weekends, but some social events happen from Wednesday to Saturday too. The biggest party of the year for the student body is the Aggie/Lobo football tailgate.

If you are seeking to join a student organization, you have over 200 options to choose from, including 20 fraternities and sororities if you are interested in Greek Life. Student politics can also be an exciting activity, with options to run for student government.


New Mexico State University is a good school for state residents and for students from abroad. There is a vast number of programs available to prospective students, and many of them tend to rank highly. The institution is also consistently top-ranked, and a definite option to consider.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the College Reality Check.

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