Is the University of Missouri a Good School?

The University of Missouri (also referred to as UM or Mizzou) is a public research university in Columbia, Missouri.

It’s the largest in Missouri and also the flagship school of the 4-institution University of Missouri System.

UM is given these college rankings by US News: #121 in National Universities and #56 in Top Public Schools.

About 75% of all attendees are undergrads.

Almost 100 majors are being offered by the University of Missouri, and some of the most popular of those are business, communications, nursing, and minority and ethnic studies.

It has an acceptance rate of 77% and rolling admissions.

At UM, tuition and fees amount to $11,549 (in-state) and $30,929 (out-of-state). Up to 51% of freshmen get need-based aid.

Mizzou Facts

Check out the following quick stats about the school:

  • Location: Columbia, Missouri
  • Founding date: 1839
  • Motto: Salus populi suprema lex esto (let the welfare of the people be the supreme law)
  • Campus size: 1,262 acres
  • Campus type: City
  • School type: Conservative public land-grant research university
  • Reputation: Party school
  • Selectivity level: Less selective
  • Number of majors: 97
  • Popular majors: Business, Journalism, Minority and Ethnic Studies, Nursing, Psychology
  • Student body: 31,103 (as per Common Data Set 2020 to 2021)
  • Students per class: 10 to 19 in most classes
  • Student-to-faculty ratio: 18:1
  • Retention rate: 89%
  • Graduation rate: 69%
  • Athletic affiliation: NCAA Division I
  • Color: Black and gold
  • Mascot: Truman the Tiger
  • Number of varsity teams: 20
  • Sports: Baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball, wrestling
University of Missouri

University of Missouri Ranking

The University of Missouri is a highly ranked public institution. In fact, it’s #58 in Top Public Schools by US News.

On the other hand, College Simply, which is another college ranking site, ranks UM #69 in Best Public Colleges in the US.

As a flagship school, it’s considered the best in Missouri.

In the country, there is no denying that the University of Missouri outshines many public institutions ranking-wise.

Meanwhile, on a global scale, the school is #476 in the QS World University Rankings, climbing seven spots from the previous year.

Meanwhile, it’s #425 in Best Global Universities by US News.

Here are some of the local rankings of Mizzou by various college rankers:

  • #1 in Top Public Universities in Missouri (Niche)
  • #2 in Best Public Colleges in Missouri (College Simply)
  • #4 in Best Colleges in Missouri (College Factual)
  • #4 in Best Colleges in Missouri (College Simply)
  • #5 in Best Colleges in Missouri (Best Colleges)
  • #5 in Best Value Colleges in Missouri (Niche)
  • #9 in Best Colleges and Universities in Missouri (College Consensus)
  • #20 in the Midwest (Forbes)

What is the University of Missouri Known For?

The University of Missouri is known for being a high-ranking school in the Show-Me State. Most students who apply to it like the fact that there are more than 300 degree programs available.

Mizzou is known for having a big campus with an equally big Greek life, which is why it’s a top party school.

Want a degree and a great college experience, too?

Consider adding the University of Missouri to your college list.

Besides being a highly ranked public institution nationally and locally, UM is also known for being a party school.

As a matter of fact, Niche ranks it #1 in Top Party Schools in Missouri and #42 in Top Party Schools in America.

I have loved my time at Mizzou. I could build lasting friendships with my peers while learning more than I ever thought possible. For having 30,000+ students, Mizzou still feels like a small school. They have gone above and beyond and I appreciate that. … Mizzou truly is a hidden gem in the college game.

Refrain from assuming that Mizzou students only unwind by drinking and dancing.

The school has over 600 registered clubs and organizations, each with its own events and programs.

However, since Greek life is a huge part of the University of Missouri campus, some of the brightest are fraternities and sororities.

As mentioned earlier, more than 300 degree programs and nearly 100 majors are available for students to choose from.

Some of the most popular fields of study/majors at UM include:

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Health Service Preparatory Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Journalism
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Minority and Ethnic Studies
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Sports Management

Sports is also quite big at the University of Missouri. To date, the school has won a couple of national championships, four division titles and 15 conference titles.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Missouri

The vast majority of applicants to the University of Missouri end up getting an offer to enroll.

With an acceptance rate of 81%, Mizzou is a less selective academic institution.

Based on the percentage of admits alone, the school is #32 in the state of Missouri for having the lowest acceptance rate.

Looking for a high-ranking public institution that would make for a phenomenal match or safety school?

Then make sure that a slot on your college list is reserved for the University of Missouri.

That’s because your chances of receiving an acceptance letter from its admissions office is high — it has an 81% acceptance rate.

Like many colleges and universities, UM does not have a published minimum GPA requirement aspirants need to meet.

However, according to the school’s website, having good grades is important in order to be eligible for admission.

On the other hand, applicants need to meet a minimum SAT or ACT score requirement.

The minimum score to have varies from one student to the other, depending on whether the high school uses a ranking system or not.

Also, the school, like many others, superscores test scores.

Here are the minimum SAT or ACT scores to meet if your high school ranks its students:

Any rank with 2.0+ core GPA1160+24+
Top 52%1130 to 115023
Top 46%1100 to 112022
Top 38%1060 to 109021
Top 31%1030 to 105020
Top 22%990 to 102019
Top 14%960 to 98018
Top 6%920 to 95017

And now, the following are the minimum test scores if your high school has no ranking system:

2.81130 to 115023
2.91100 to 112022
3.051060 to 109021
3.21030 to 105020
3.35990 to 102019
3.5960 to 98018
3.65920 to 95017

The University of Missouri has rolling admissions.

For applicants, this means that there are no application deadlines to beat. And for the school, it means that its admissions officers evaluate applications as they arrive.

Columbia, Missouri
Columbia, Missouri

How Much Does It Cost to Attend the University of Missouri?

Based on the last academic year rate, the sticker price of the University of Missouri amounts to $27,197 for in-state students.

For non-Missouri residents, however, the cost climbs to $45,068. The tuition alone is almost three times more expensive for out-of-state students — $26,991 vs. $9,120.

In the state of Missouri, the average in-state tuition and fees at public colleges and universities cost $9,059. Meanwhile, out-of-state tuition and fees cost $12,250 on average.

Based on the figures above, attending Mizzou is just a little more expensive than most public institutions in the Show-Me State.

For this reason, the University of Missouri is #4 in Best Value Colleges in Missouri by College Simply, #5 in Best Value Colleges in Missouri by Niche, and #72 in Best Value Schools by US News.

The following is the breakdown of the estimated cost of attending UM for one year:

Books and supplies$1,260$1,260
Room and board$10,508$10,508

According to data available online, up to 74% of Mizzou undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid. Each awardee gets an average of $10,270.

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Is Mizzou a Good School

The University of Missouri is a good school, which is evidenced by its high rankings nationally and locally.

It’s ideal for students who wish to earn a degree on a large campus with a city setting and among a diverse studentry that likes a good balance of quality education and active social life.

Here’s a Mizzou fact that could make most other campuses go green with envy: the entire campus of the University of Missouri is one massive botanical garden.

Referred to as the Mizzou Botanic Garden (MUBG), it houses thousands of medicinal or therapeutic plants suited to central Missouri.

The University of Missouri is a large campus offering a wide variety of programs and majors.

It’s highly ranked, too, not only based on academics and value but also Greek life and party scene.

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