A Unique For-Profit Institution

DeVry University stands out in the U.S. as a popular for-profit school known for its technology programs.  It offers a blend of online and hybrid classes across over 50 locations.

Recognized and Transferable

With regional accreditation, DeVry ensures that your hard-earned credits are transferable. This opens doors to further education and is a testament to the legitimacy of its programs.

Flexible Learning Options

Whether you're working, running a business, or raising a family, DeVry's flexible schedules and online classes make higher education accessible. 

Employer Perspectives

Many employers value the practical skills and knowledge DeVry graduates bring to the workplace, highlighting the importance of leveraging your degree.

The Cost of Quality Education

Attending DeVry University comes with a higher price tag compared to community colleges. However, eligible students can access federal and state financial aid.