Increased student-to-faculty ratio

You would spend every class in a lecture hall where all students learn at the same style and pace

Underpopulated less prestigious colleges

Majority of students would flock to prestigious schools due to affordability, leaving less-elite ones looking like ghost towns

Harder eligibility requirements

if college were free, chances are that prestigious schools would end up being even more selective.

Higher dropout rate

if college were free, many students might lose track of the value of hard work toward a degree.

Lower graduation rate

Some students might switch colleges, which wouldn't be a problem since college is available for free, while others might take a break from their studies.

Reduced value of a college degree

An undergraduate degree, would worth a little more than a high school diploma. And as a result of this, everyone would have to strive to earn a graduate degree in order to stand out

Reduced job opportunities

Since all applicants would have a degree, employers might end up using benchmarks other than having a college diploma

Overqualification for jobs

Free college could saturate the job market with overqualified individuals

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