Quest for College Admission

You've taken challenging AP classes, shown leadership in extracurriculars, and volunteered extensively, aiming for holistic admission to your dream college.

Beyond the Numbers

Unlike traditional methods focusing on GPA and test scores, holistic admissions review you as a whole person, considering essays, recommendations, and more

Flip Side of Holistic Admissions

While aiming to be fair, holistic admissions can inadvertently favor certain candidates, allowing colleges to craft their incoming class with specific types of students.

Role of Tags in Admissions

Tags like being a legacy, athlete, or connected to donors can heavily influence admissions decisions, sometimes making the process seem unfair to those without them

You Are More Than a Tag

Don't be disheartened by rejection. Your value isn't defined by college tags. Continue excelling in academics and meaningful activities. The right college will value what you offer.