Ivy League Universities Ranked From Most to Least Conservative

Princeton University

There is a political organization at UPenn called UPenn College Republicans with a mission to promote conservative ideals

Princeton University

Initially, Princeton University was a conservative institution. In the late 20th century, Princeton became more liberal, but it didn't lose some of its conservative leaning.

According to a poll conducted by Niche, around 38% of Dartmouth College's students feel that the campus is liberal and 12% of them believe that it is conservative

According to Harvard University survey, around 36% of its students identify as liberal or leaning liberal and 33% identify as leaning conservative.

Harvard University

75% of the faculty members of Yale University identified as either liberal or very liberal. Meanwhile, only 7% of them reported having conservative leanings.

Yale University

Cornell University is considered the 4th most liberal institution in the US as measured by faculty political donations.

Cornell University

Columbia University was ranked #7 in America's Most Liberal Colleges by CBS News

Columbia University

The general consensus is that Brown University is the most liberal among Ivy League schools.

Brown University

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