Ivy League Universities Ranked From Most to Least Liberal

The general consensus is that Brown University is the most liberal among Ivy League schools.

Brown University

Columbia University was ranked #7 in America's Most Liberal Colleges by CBS News

Columbia University

Cornell University is considered the 4th most liberal institution in the US as measured by faculty political donations.

Cornell University

75% of the faculty members of Yale University identified as either liberal or very liberal. Meanwhile, only 7% of them reported having conservative leanings.

Yale University

According to Harvard University survey, around 36% of its students identify as liberal or leaning liberal and 33% identify as leaning conservative.

Harvard University

According to a poll conducted by Niche, around 38% of Dartmouth College's students feel that the campus is liberal and 12% of them believe that it is conservative

Princeton University

Initially, Princeton University was a conservative institution. In the late 20th century, Princeton became more liberal, but it didn't lose some of its conservative leaning.

Princeton University

There is a political organization at UPenn called UPenn College Republicans with a mission to promote conservative ideals

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