Uncover Hidden  Scholarship Gems

Every year, over 1.7 million scholarships are awarded, but did you know many remain under the radar? Explore scholarships from various sources to fund your college education.

Overlooked Scholarships

Point Foundation

John F. Kennedy Profile

Ayn Rand Institute Essay

Horatio Alger Association

AXA Achievement






Long Essay Scholarships

No-essay scholarships tend to attract tons of applicants. On the other hand, those requiring applicants to write long essays act as repellents against very busy high school students.

Under $1,000

Consider applying for scholarships awarding $1,000 or less. First, few students think about applying for them. Second, there are many providers of these smaller college scholarships.

Local Scholarships

Local organizations that offer scholarships include: - Restaurants - Volunteer clubs - Banks - Religious groups