1. You have no plans for the future

While many apply undecided, it's usually better to know first what you really want to do professionally.

2. You would much rather get a job

High school graduates who are not in college are 2x more likely to be in the labor force as high school graduates who are in college

3. You cannot be away from family

Anywhere from 19% to 70% of all first-year college students are homesick

4. You haven't researched colleges

Not spending enough time researching colleges is an indicator that you are not taking college seriously.

5. You are poor with time management

Using your time wisely and staying organized are some of the most important skills  for a university student

6. You cannot commit to anything

Given that it can take a while to earn an undergraduate degree, going to college is an endeavor that requires commitment.

7. You are struggling in high school

College is more challenging than high school, which is why you struggle in school it will be even harder in college

8. You don't know how to pay for tuition

Needless to say, you are prepared for college if you have a plan on how to pay for the cost of attendance

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