Do not lie on your college application

Usually, high schools also place on the transcript the disciplinary actions taken against a student, such as a suspension, as a result of misconduct.

Tell about what you have learned from it

When talking about your suspension, make sure that you mention what lessons you have learned and how it has changed your life inside and outside the campus.

Confirm that it made you a better person

Did it turn you into a respectful person? Did it encourage you to create a club? Did it inspire you to help with the community?

Don't say you don't want to talk about it

It's true that Princeton University has a very low acceptance rate of 4% and the majority of admits have high school GPAs of 4.0.

Don't put the blame on someone else

Never say things like "it's the fault of my brainless classmate" or "it's because the teacher was inconsiderate" when providing details on your high school suspension.

Don't list Middle School Suspensions

Colleges do not care about your grades, conduct, and other matters before high school. When applying to a college, your high school performance is the only thing that matters.