Attending the academy is stressful for freshmen students because of the tasks they have to carry out on the daily required to learn a sense of military understanding and respect.

Naval Academy

Pace University is known among its attendees to have a terrible financial aid office.Hundreds of students unenrolled as a result of being unable to process papers.

GMU was once #11 in the Princeton Review's Top 20 Least Happiest College Students ranking.

George Mason University

According Princeton Review West Point ranks twelfth  in the most unhappiest colleges list

US Military Academy

The University of Texas at Dallas is in top 10 of the least happy campuses in the US because it's a commuter school with terrible commute

University of Texas at Dallas

Numerous online college listings of colleges with the unhappiest students mention Xavier University of New Orleans.

Xavier University of New Orleans

Some students feel that the school is too large. Others feel like the administration is investing lots of the resources in athletics and less in academics

University of Tennessee

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