Only 5 Colleges Rank Candidates

Most students believe that there the waitlist is ordered and being #10 is better than #100. However, only 5 colleges rank students. Among then are Amherst College and Gonzaga.

26 Colleges Admit No One off the Waitlist

In the case of colleges that accept 0 students, waitlist means denied acceptance. Among them are Princeton, Johns Hopkins and Rice. Click on link below to get the full list.

34 Colleges Accept Less than 1%

This list is marginally better - universities that accept less than 1% of applicants. Among them are Yale, Tulane and GWU. Click on link below to get the full list.

63% of Top Colleges Accept 10% or Less

Based on our research of 198 top colleges, around 63% (or 126 of 198) accept less than 10% of students off their waitlists.

8 Universities Accept Everyone

We found 8 colleges that accept everyone who agrees to get on the waitlist. Among them Kalamazoo College and Seattle University.