Navigating College Closures

Over the last five years, more than 50 colleges and universities have closed or merged, raising concerns among alumni about the validity of their degrees.

Your Degree Remains Valid

Despite the closure of an institution, the degrees it issued remain valid. It's crucial for graduates to secure a copy of their diploma as proof of their academic achievements.

What Happens to Your Records?

In the event of a closure, schools usually set up a process for alumni to obtain transcripts and other documents. This ensures your academic accomplishments are verifiable in the future.

Accreditation and Your Degree's Value

A degree from an unaccredited institution can still hold value, but it may limit opportunities for federal aid, credit transfer, and job marketability. 

Planning for the Unforeseen

If your college closes or loses accreditation, your degree still holds value. However, be ready to explain the situation to potential employers, if accreditation was lost.