15 Best Minors for Law School

Just because you dream of becoming a lawyer one day doesn’t mean you should choose nothing but law-related minors. As always, it’s a good idea to pick something you find enjoyable to take. However, it’s recommended to opt for a minor that can help you become the best lawyer that you can be.

The best minors for law school improve reading, writing and thinking skills. They also ignite one’s interest and establish legal practice specialization. Both law- (political science, criminal justice, etc.) and non-law-related (physics, mathematics, etc.) minors are good for law school students.

Certain that you want to be a lawyer but have no idea of what to minor in?

Keep reading. Below, we will talk about not one, not two, but a total of 15 best minors for law school. You will find that so many minors are available for you to choose from, each one allowing you to have a well-rounded college experience and increased chances of gaining admission into the prestigious law school of your dreams.


Law school admissions officers like to see math courses on transcripts.

It’s due to the fact that mathematics helps students think like lawyers — all math concepts require both logical reasoning and analytical thinking. Besides, various law areas, such as taxation law and real estate law, require superb mathematical skills.

Some lawyers are self-employed, which means that they also have to take care of client bills and employee salaries.

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Just because you prefer to send crooks to prison than send men to outer space doesn’t mean that you should turn your back on minoring in physics while gearing up for law school.

Especially if you are interested in specializing in patent law, which is the branch of intellectual property law dealing with new inventions, having a minor in physics can come in handy. That’s because it polishes must-have skills such as researching, data analysis, reasoning and problem-solving.


Besides physics, another minor that can help you become a phenomenal patent lawyer is chemistry.

Do you love the environment and think about keeping it out of harm’s way as a form of living?

Then consider getting your hands on a minor in chemistry. Having plenty of knowledge in substances and compounds, as well as their respective properties and how they interact with one another is essential for any environmental lawyer.

Earth Sciences

We just talked about why physics and chemistry are some of the best minors for law school.

Besides those two, there is one more branch of science that can help you have a more fulfilling experience during and after studying law: earth sciences. This is most especially true if you plan to make the Earth your number one client.

Here’s a fact: at Stanford Law School, some admits have a background in earth sciences.

Information Technology

Nowadays, lawyers have to manage and control very well the staggering volume of case-related documents they need to master. Otherwise, they risk losing cases and, ultimately, their reputation.

It’s because of this why a minor in information technology (IT) is a wonderful idea for anyone who is planning to become a reliable lawyer one day.

Having sufficient knowledge in the use of IT systems for efficient storage and retrieval of documents, day-to-day activities at the firm can become less toxic and stressful.

Computer Science

Cybercrime is a growing concern to counties at various levels of development. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), both sellers and buyers are affected by it.

Up to 80% of countries these days have cybercrime legislation.

And if you wish to specialize in cybercrime law, defending those who are accused of cybercrimes or safeguarding those who are victims of those, a minor in computer science can give you the edge you need in law school and beyond graduation.


Have you noticed that the best minors for law school that we have talked about thus far are all in the science, technology, engineering, math or STEM fields?

Let’s end the list of STEM-related minors that complement law school by citing engineering. As mentioned earlier, various law areas require superb mathematical skills.

And when it comes to math in law school (and after it), nothing can give you the advantage you need more than minoring in engineering beforehand.


Minoring in psychology may increase your chances of getting acceptance letters from some of the top law schools in the US.

It doesn’t come as a surprise as it gives you knowledge in mental processes and human behavior — in the future, your clients will be humans or businesses or organizations run by people.

By having a minor in psychology, you will have a better understanding of the attitude and activities of individuals, including most especially those that are going through the legal system.


Before becoming a full-fledged lawyer, you need to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) first. The admissions officers at the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL), which is number 60 in US

News’ 2022 Best Law Schools ranking, say that those who took philosophy courses perform very well on the LSAT and other tests requiring analytical thinking.

When proving a defendant guilty, a background in philosophy can spell the difference between winning and losing a case as it helps you easily detect mistakes in the reasoning of others.


Having good communication skills is vital for any lawyer to have a successful and rewarding practice. It’s essential for being able to effectively interact with clients, staff members, associates and other lawyers.

It’s because of this why minoring in English while gearing up for law school is a fantastic idea. Especially if you love writing and reading and the study of literature, an English-based minor can make your college experience more enjoyable.


Even before the US Constitution was adopted in 1789, the original 13 states already had a fully functioning judicial system.

They handled criminal cases, civil disputes, divorce and many others. So, in other words, the legal system in the country has a very long history, developing over the course of centuries.

Needless to say, history is a good minor for students who are looking to enter law school. It allows them to learn about the development of US political systems, treaties, well-known trials and many others.


Many of the skills used by economists are the same skills successful lawyers have.

Due to this, you can benefit a lot from minoring in economics if applying to a law school is your goal. Doing so will allow you to develop an assortment of skills you will need to shine in the classroom as well as the courtroom.

Besides, according to law school admissions officers themselves, students with a background in economics tend to do better in law school.

Criminal Justice

Nothing can convince law school admissions officers that being a lawyer is your ultimate dream more than having a minor in criminal justice even before you take law. Minoring in criminal justice enables you to have a better understanding of the mindsets of both hapless victims and heartless offenders.

What’s more, it will also give you a much better idea of which area of law you wish to specialize in, thus making criminal justice, as a minor, a stepping stone to law school.

Political Science

A minor in political science lets you get to know better the US Constitution, government systems, court proceedings and many others, and this can increase your chances of gaining admission into law school.

Besides getting into your preferred law school, minoring in political science can also give you just about every weapon in the arsenal you will need to be an awesome lawyer. Having a minor in it lets you obtain and sharpen research, analytical, planning and communication skills.


Law school is intense.

If your mind and body are not ready for it, you might end up dropping out. It’s because of this why having as much preparation as you can is a must if you don’t want to waste both time and money.

To get a sense of what it’s like to attend law school without stepping foot on the campus of one, consider minoring in pre-law.

As the name suggests, it prepares you for some of the rigors of law school. While completing the minor, you can decide so much better whether or not law school is for you.


Just because you plan to enter law school doesn’t mean that you should take nothing but law-related minors. Above, we talked about a total of 15 of the best minors for law school. It’s true that the majority of them have nothing to do with law. However, they can help you develop the skills of a good lawyer.

Take your time when choosing any of the numerous minors suggested above to have a more fulfilling and rewarding experience during and after law school.

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