15 Good College Minors: Which One is Best for You?

Some colleges and universities do not require students to complete a minor. If yours does, you may find the process of choosing one or two challenging as there are so many options available.

A good college minor is something related to the focus of a student’s degree program. While complementary, it should not be exactly the same as one’s major as it’s not allowed and useless, too. In many instances, a good college minor is related not to a major but to a student’s passion or interest.

The perfect time to declare a minor is at the end of your sophomore year or the start of your junior year. When choosing, it’s a good idea to consider which major you will opt for. But other than taking your major into account, you may also pick a minor simply because you find it interesting.

Best College Minors Infographic
Best College Minors Infographic

Below, we will talk about a total of 15 good college minors, so keep reading!

Is Accounting a Good College Minor?

Accounting, as a minor, provides students with an assortment of skills a number of industries look for in their potential employees. One of the nicest things about minoring in accounting is that it complements a wide variety of college majors, except for those that are closely related to accounting.

Do you want to have your very own business one day?

Then make sure that you have the skills it will take to keep it running like a well-oiled machine, especially the financial aspect. It’s while in college when you should start developing the various must-have skills, and you can do it by considering accounting as your minor.

Just because you hate math doesn’t mean you should stay as far away as possible from minoring in accounting. If you want to improve your math skills to gear up for your future career or enterprise, consider a minor in accounting.

Benefits of minoring in accounting:

  • Improves math skills.
  • Prepares students who wish to work in the finance industry.
  • Grooms people who plan on establishing their own businesses.

Is Management a Good College Minor?

Management makes for a wonderful college minor for students who plan to become entrepreneurs. Students dreaming of becoming management consultants someday can benefit a lot from it, too. Management is also the ideal minor for those who wish to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Except for those majoring in management, business students are the number one beneficiaries of a management minor. It’s the perfect complement for college majors such as accounting, finance and marketing.

Are you planning to have a double minor because you want to explore two areas that you find interesting or are not afraid of the accompanying challenge?

Some of the other minors that go well with management include economics, communication and psychology — but just about anything you like will do, too.

Benefits of minoring in management:

  • Hones communication, leadership and managerial skills.
  • Prepares students for an MBA.
  • Provides the knowledge and skills necessary for being a management consultant.

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Is Marketing a Good College Minor?

In certain industries, having a marketing minor can give applicants the edge they need. Some industries where minoring in college can be advantageous are copywriting, advertising, promotions and media planning. Getting a minor in digital marketing allows for more future-proof career options.

What’s really nice about marketing is that it’s so versatile. As a result, minoring in it can give you the tools you need to apply to a number of high-paying careers that give utmost job satisfaction, too. Just about any industry that offers products or services could use your minor in marketing.

There are numerous college majors that a minor in marketing can complement. Some common examples are accounting, finance, international business, statistics, computer science and even graphic design.

Benefits of minoring in marketing:

  • Provides an understanding of why marketing is an integral part of a business.
  • Enhances dynamic thinking and collaborative potential.
  • Trains students on how to sell products or services more effectively.

Is Statistics a Good College Minor?

Many industries are on the hunt for people with sufficient knowledge in statistics, which is why it’s a good college minor. Some of the best account executives, data analysts, business system analysts, international account managers and quantitative analysts possess a background in statistics.

Are you looking forward to having a career that requires you to think like a scientist? Consider minoring in statistics. That’s because it will help develop data collection, hypotheses formulation and result presentation skills. It’s the ideal minor for any college student who is very much into science, technology and business.

A minor in statistics can increase your job market value in industries where a sharp mind is considered an asset. So, in other words, your employment opportunities are practically endless.

Benefits of minoring in statistics:

  • Opens doors for employment opportunities such as account executive and data analyst.
  • Develops ability to communicate key statistical concepts.
  • Prepares students for a wide variety of undergraduate programs.

Is Data Science a Good College Minor?

Data science is a good minor for students planning to venture into industries associated with data analytics. It’s because it helps develop critical thinking about the creation and implications of data models. Anyone who is into math, statistics and even programming should consider it.

In the past, colleges and universities didn’t add data science to their roster of majors and minors. The course was mostly available for massive open online courses (MOOCs). These days, however, more and more higher education institutions are offering data science. It’s due to the fact that it’s never been as important and relevant as it is today.

Even if you are not considering having a career associated with data analytics, a minor in data science can help you become a well-rounded student with knowledge in machine learning and data handling.

Benefits of minoring in data science:

  • Provides essential knowledge of data analytics and skills.
  • Makes college well-rounded for students who love statistics, programming and math.
  • Offers a good complement for majors such as computer science and IT.

Is Urban Studies a Good College Minor?

Because it draws courses from various disciplines, urban studies, as a minor, can complement a wide range of majors. It prepares students for many career possibilities as it helps develop all kinds of must-haves in the workplace, such as research, problem-solving and communication skills.

Urban studies is a multidisciplinary minor. This means that it obtains courses from an assortment of majors. Because of this, it makes for a wonderful complementary minor for just about any program of study.

You can benefit a lot from having urban studies on your transcript as your college minor if you plan to get into real estate development, historic preservation, and economic planning and development. Minoring in urban studies is also ideal for you if you dream of venturing into urban politics and city administration.

Benefits of minoring in urban studies:

  • Hones planning, problem-solving, communication and research skills.
  • Serves as a complementary minor for majors like political science, environmental science and architecture.
  • Gives students who wish to enter the public administration sector the knowledge base and skill set.
interior designer

Is Design a Good College Minor?

Unless students are already design majors, a minor in design is a good idea. Minoring in design allows students to develop a sensibility for visual form and learn new design methodologies that can be applied across a range of areas. A design minor is ideal for students who like to innovate.

Are you tired of seeing the same old thing and thinking out of the box is one of your strongest suits? Then it’s a good idea to get a college minor in design while earning your degree.

No matter your major, a minor in design allows you to revolutionize. This gives you the advantage of standing out, which is a very important matter if you plan to enter a competitive industry after college. With a minor in design, you can look for ways to make your concepts and ideas appealing, fresh and relevant.

Benefits of minoring in design:

  • Incorporates design skills into the overall college experience.
  • Opens employment opportunities in graphic designing, creative directing and product development.
  • Prepares students for setting up their own businesses.

Is Creative Writing a Good College Minor?

Creating writing is a good minor for students who are majoring in communications, journalism and education. It’s also an excellent complementary minor for business programs. Some of them include sales and marketing. Creative writing, as a minor, is also great for those whose passion is writing.

If you are looking forward to a career where getting in touch with customers, colleagues and associates is a norm, then minoring in creative writing can help increase your chances of succeeding in it.

Despite what many people believe, a creative writing minor is not only ideal for students who would like to partake in mass media.

When figuring out a minor, it’s of utmost importance to prioritize one’s passion. And if you love expressing yourself through writing, minoring in creative writing can make college a more enjoyable and fruitful experience.

Benefits of minoring in creative writing:

  • Improves creative expression.
  • Provides the necessary skills for applying as a copywriter, web content writer and publicist.
  • Allows students to pursue their academic and career goals with better literacy and writing skills.

Is Multimedia Journalism a Good College Minor?

College students who like to practice contemporary journalism disseminated through various media, from print to television, may minor in multimedia journalism. Minoring in it allows one to learn to tell stories and also report them, while leveraging digital tools and social media.

Now more than ever, because of fake news, media literacy training is of utmost importance. Minoring in multimedia journalism will give you a better understanding of the work that professional journalists do. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to explore the various platforms through which news is spread.

In print, via the internet or on television — no matter the medium, getting a minor in multimedia journalism will give you the basic tools you need to become expert storytellers.

Benefits of minoring in multimedia journalism:

  • Opens doors for various career opportunities as a reporter, sports writer, TV anchor and editor.
  • Helps communicate ideas so much better.
  • Offers a good complement for majors such as management, design and English.

Is Environmental Science a Good College Minor?

As a college minor, environmental science is ideal for those who want not only to get employed but also gain knowledge that can positively impact the planet and its inhabitants. It readies students for careers in areas such as environmental conservation, sustainability, research and education.

If it’s your goal to earn a college degree and at the same time advocate for the environment, it’s a wonderful idea to minor in environmental science while majoring in something that fosters knowledge in the sciences.

Environmental issues impact every person on the planet and every human activity, too. What’s more, they do not know any geographical or disciplinary boundaries. As a result, environmental science makes for a great complementary college minor and noble career pursuit after graduation.

Benefits of minoring in environmental science:

  • Allows application for positions like environmental consultant and environmental specialist.
  • Develops skills such as awareness, investigation, innovative thinking and teamwork.
  • Provides students who like to conserve the environment with better insight.

Is Psychology a Good College Minor?

Knowledge gained in a psychology course can be applied to different job types, thus making it a good college minor. It’s an excellent complement for various majors, and leading the list are health science, education and business. Psychology’s versatility makes it a top minor choice of many students.

Besides being one of the fastest-growing professions, psychology is also one of the most popular college courses students may take not only for knowledge acquisition but also for fun and interest.

Pursuing advanced training in it allows you to take career paths leading to neuroscience, scientific research and consultancy in hospitals and companies.

The goal of minoring in psychology is to understand the processes that motivate human thinking, behavior and action. Due to this, it also enables you to solve all kinds of practical problems.

Benefits of minoring in psychology:

  • Improves communication skills.
  • Teaches students the fundamentals of how people think, feel and act.
  • Supplements a wide variety of majors, ranging from biology, sociology, public health to business.

Is Computer Science a Good College Minor?

Minoring in computer science is ideal for students who wish to someday take career paths in technology. It’s also one of the best minors for those who wish to develop numerous skills, from problem-solving to creativity, many of which can increase their job market value in various industries.

Computer science is so versatile. It’s because of this why, as a college minor, it can complement a host of majors.

They range anywhere from mathematics, physics, chemistry, psychology, business to communications. Computer science is suited not only for tech-savvy students but also technologically challenged ones who wish to prepare for the future.

Besides, practically no matter what job you wish to apply for, it’s very much likely that a computer and various related technologies will be around to serve as your day-to-day weapons.

Benefits of minoring in computer science:

  • Teaches valuable workplace skills such as coding, networking and database management.
  • Opens doors for opportunities in software development, web development and computer programming.
  • Ensures students can enjoy future-proof career paths.

Is Information Technology a Good College Minor?

Because information technology (IT) fosters innovation in business and many other industries, minoring in it can help students enjoy better employment opportunities. Information technology sharpens various skills employers find very useful. It also allows students to pursue hobbies and interests.

Unless you are majoring in computer science, information systems or information technology itself, consider adding information technology as a minor to your college life.

One of the best things about information technology is that it goes really well with an assortment of majors, such as business, communications, engineering, mathematics and journalism. So, in other words, having IT skills can add value to your degree and improve your job prospects upon getting your diploma.

Benefits of minoring in information technology:

  • Develops numerous skills for business, finance and other professional pursuits.
  • Serves as an excellent complement to majors such as engineering and business management.
  • Prepares students who wish to establish their own money-making ventures.

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Is Foreign Languages a Good College Minor?

Foreign languages is a good college minor as it allows students to gain exposure to different cultures, customs and practices. It’s also ideal for those who plan on having their own businesses or working for multinational companies. Minoring in foreign languages helps boost self-confidence, too.

You can couple foreign languages with all kinds of majors, thus allowing you to enhance your resume. Some of them are political science, marketing, biology, global studies, art history and even health-related programs.

Besides for career-related reasons, having a minor in foreign languages also helps you improve your self-confidence, which is vital for surviving college and acing job interviews, too. What’s more, foreign languages, as a minor, lets you pursue interests such as meeting new people and travelling.

Benefits of minoring in foreign languages:

  • Exposes students to different cultures, customs and practices around the globe.
  • Helps boost one’s self-confidence as well as reduce college-related stress and anxiety.
  • Improves the resumes of those who wish to apply to multinational companies.

Is Mathematics a Good College Minor?

Students who are majoring in non-math programs may minor in mathematics. Doing so can help make one’s credentials more attractive or improve a student’s preparation for graduate study. Either way, a minor in mathematics is perfect for those who love math or wish to end their fear of numbers.

Refrain from assuming that minoring in mathematics will only teach you how to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers as well as solve complicated mathematical equations.

Taking mathematics as a minor will also help develop various workplace essential skills such as logical thinking and problem-solving.

What’s more, mathematics is an excellent complementary minor for various majors. Some common examples include business, economics, data science, information technology, computer science and physics.

Benefits of minoring in mathematics:

  • Helps strengthen mathematical theory and concept knowledge without the rigors of a math major.
  • Improves qualitative reasoning, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Complements majors requiring students to think fast, such as criminal justice, law, nursing and engineering.


Some colleges and universities do not require their students to declare minors. But if your goal is to have a well-rounded college experience, fulfilling life outside the campus and beyond graduation and better employment opportunities, it’s a wonderful idea to minor in something. As a general rule, you can take one or two or even three minors.

Above, we talked about some good college minors to choose from.

Take your time when deciding which minor you should opt for, although it’s a good idea to declare it at the same time you declare your major. Your choice need not complement your major — having an interest in it is reason enough.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the College Reality Check.

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