Is Wake Forest a Good School?

Is Wake Forest a good school? Wake Forest is ranked as 27th in National Universities according to US News College Rankings report in 2019. The University is known for its Accounting, Law, Medical and Business Schools. It is also known as a Hidden Ivy School.

Old Salem

The birthplace of Krispy Kreme; You can actually visit the original Krispy Kreme along Stratford Rd. Beside doughnuts and all, I visited Old Salem. Old Salem is an area of Winston Salem which the Moravians settled in the mid-1700’s. All the buildings there (many have been restored due to their age, but the style and looks are all the same) are from the period itself.

It includes a bakery, a gun shop, a pottery shop, a single brothers house, and much more! There are many ticket options, but I took the 2-ticket option. I was given 2 tickets which I could use to tour 2 buildings. Some of the buildings, such as the bakery, you could get in without a ticket which I suggest you should take advantage of.

Old Salem

The staff who impersonate the Moravians from the era are friendly and knowledgeable. The Single Brothers House allowed you to sit on the original beds & stools/chairs (they were so creaky I thought I would break them!) and the man in the house described the day-to-day life of the young men.

The gun shop still creates beautiful rifles that cost no less than a thousand dollars. The way they create them now is the way that the rifles were created back when the gun shops were founded.

The process looked too complicated for an amateur to understand, but we were shown two types of rifles. After the shape & trigger were created, the rifle would be polished, and the silver would be placed in whatever pattern or symbol the buyer had chosen.

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Information Session

Admission Officers

From the very beginning, our admissions officer Mallory stressed the importance of Wake-Forest’s faculty-student interaction within the classrooms. The average class size is 24 students, so it allows the professors to talk directly with the students rather than lecturing to a group of a couple hundred.

In some of the classes, they sit in discussion circles so everyone would be part of the conversation. Some of the classes literally did not take place in a classroom. They went outside to different sites so they could actually get their hands dirty (quite literally in some cases).

For example, if you were taking some sort of anthropology class, teachers may take you to different places in North Carolina to study artifacts.

What Does Wake Forest Look For In Your Application?

This is the first school I have been to where they do not require your standardized test scores. Yes, you read that right. Wake Forest does not require your standardized test scores on your application. If you would like to send them, you can, but they believe one test shouldn’t decide whether you get in or not.

To further show that they want to know you as the person behind your grades, Wake Forest highly encourages you to take an interview and there are many available within your area.

Wake Forest offers 3 types of application: common, coalition, or Wake Forest Application. The Wake Forest Application is a creative application Wake Forest offers that has a series of questions that relate to Wake Forest. Each question has a word minimum-maximum.

The current requirements to submit the application are three lists, six short answer questions, and one essay.

The other important piece which Wake Forest’s wants in a student is their involvement in the community. Their motto is “Pro Humanitate” which translates to “For Humanity”.

How have you gotten involved in your community? What difference have you made? One of the questions on the Wake Forest Application actually asks what you have done in your community and how it has benefited others.

Wake Forest offers 15 summer immersion programs which allow students to use their studies and knowledge outside of the classroom.

Mock Class

Something unique to Wake Forest is that they offer a mock class. This mock class comes after the information session solely for the students. You are split into groups and are assigned a professor from Wake Forest. There, you learn the basics of that professor’s area of expertise.

The professor I was assigned to talked about the importance of being global. How are you open-minded to others around you? Are you bias towards people because of their religion or race? She talked about the importance of being empathetic to others around you regardless of their differences and how by doing this, we can make a change in the world and move forward.

Your mock class was different based on the professor you were assigned, but it displayed how Wake Forest uses discussion-based classes.

Walking Tour

Transportation On Campus

Freshmen are allowed to bring a car, but only upperclassmen are allowed to park on campus. Since you do have to live on campus for 3 of the 4 years, about 50% of freshmen bring a car.

Wake Forest Campus

Clubs/Events On Campus

One of the highlights in a year at Wake Forest is the “Wake & Shake” Event. It is a 12-hour danceathon where students participate in dance activities for 12 hours straight to raise money for Cancer Research. This year, they were able to raise over $370,000 dollars!

Another event to help raise money for cancer research is “Hit The Bricks”. Students with a backpack take laps around the quad with a brick inside; These events last nearly all day.

As for clubs, during orientation, you can swipe your student card for any clubs you are interested in and they will send you emails with club meetings and times. If you find that you are not interested or don’t have time, you can unsubscribe.

Will High School Credits Get Me Out Of Class?

Credits earned in high school will 99% of the time not get you out of class, but they will add onto general credits for graduation. Since Wake forest is a liberal arts school, you will have to take liberal arts classes no matter your major.

Dorms, Dorms, Dorms

One of the good things about Wake Forest freshman dorms is that they are right next to many of the classrooms, so if you wake up at 7:55 and have a class at 8:00, you can make it on time.

In your freshman year, you take a survey to pair yourself with a roommate, but you can not choose your own roommate. If your friend is going to Wake Forest with you, all you can do is pray!

But if you end up not getting along with your roommate, you can request a roommate change. Our tour guide also helped with organizing roommates, and he received 22 requests for change and 15 were granted.

Traveling Abroad In Wake Forest

  • There are TONS of travel abroad options: Copenhagen, Venice, London, Vienna, and Ireland just to name a few
  • You can go for any period of time during the year except for the whole 4 years (For obvious reasons I hope)

Questions & Answers About wake Forest

What is Wake Forest’s acceptance rate?

  • Wake Forest acceptance rate is 29.4%

Deadlines: Regular Action, Early Action, & Transfer?

  • Regular Action: January 1st
  • Early Action: November 15th
  • Transfer: Fall Semester – April 1st, Spring-Semester – November 1st

What is Wake Forest’s cost of annual tuition?

  • $53,322 (As of 2019)
  • $9,012 (Cost of Housing)

When do I know if I got into Wake Forest or not?

  • Decisions start coming April 1st

What is Wake Forest’s graduation rate?

  • 88.2%

What is Wake Forest’s mascot & school colors?

  • The Demon Deacon
  • School Colors: Black & Old Gold

What is Wake Forest’s annual tuition for out-of-state students?

  • $53,322 (Same as in-state)

What is the ethnic diversity of Wake Forest?

  • Asian or Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 4.1%
  • Black/African American: 6.6%
  • Hispanic: 6.7%
  • International: 8.8%
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native: .2%

What is the percentage of women and men enrolled in Wake Forest (undergraduate)?

  • Women: 52.8%
  • Men: 47.2%

Does Wake Forest offer merit-based scholarships?

  • Yes

Is Wake Forest private or public?

  • Private

What is Wake Forest’s national university ranking?

  • #27

What is Wake Forest’s average transfer applicants acceptance rate?

  • 27%

Is Wake Forest an Ivy League?

  • No

What is the acceptance rate of waitlisted students?

  • Approximately 20%

Wake Forest’s Major Rankings:

Is Wake Forest conservative or liberal?

  • Wake Forest has a combination of both liberal & conservative communities though it leans more on the conservative side

Does Wake Forest offer academic & athletic scholarships?

  • Yes, Wake Forest offers merit-based scholarships

Does Wake Forest offer online courses?

  • Yes, but only 15 credit hours count towards graduation

Does Wake Forest accept AP credit?

  • Yes, but but the needed score for an exam depends on the exam taken and AP credits do not count towards required classes

Does Wake Forest offer common application?

  • Yes

Is Wake Forest need blind?

  • Yes

How many students are enrolled in Wake Forest (As of 2019)?

  • Undergraduate: 5,247

How many majors & minors in Wake Forest?

  • 46 majors
  • 60 minors
  • Masters: 19
  • Doctoral: 16

Is Wake Forest a liberal arts school?

  • Yes

What are Wake Forest’s grade requirements?

Wake Forest doesn’t have a minimum SAT/ACT or GPA but the averages are:

  • SAT (Math): 680
  • SAT (English): 670
  • ACT: 30
  • GPA: 3.85

Who are some famous Wake Forest alumni?

  • Arnold Palmer (One of the best Golf Players in the U.S. who has a spot on the World Golf Hall of Fame)
  • Tim Duncan (Former basketball player who played for the San Antonio Spurs)
  • Chris Paul (Basketball Player who plays for the Houston Rockets & has won most valuable player of the year & two olympic gold medals)
  • Kay Hagan (Former U.S. Senator of North Carolina)

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